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IBM SPSS Subscription

New Software Subscription IBM SPSS Statistics



Try SPSS Statistics for free:

- Decision making made easier than ever with accurate insights;
- Uncover hidden details from your data and enhance analytic research;
- Apply an extensive range of analytics, full version of IBM SPSS Statistics;
- Data collection, description, statistical analysis, modelling and reporting all in one product;
- Integration with open source

Start your free IBM SPSS trial (new or with your IBM-account, if you already have this) using the offer form (right).

After the trial period your license can be upgraded to a paid version SPSS via the cloud (Software as a Service) version. The software is already downloaded and installed.


Prices Subscription IBM SPSS Statistics (after the trial period of 14 days):

* IBM SPSS Statistics BASE Subscription Authorized User €100,00/Month

* IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics, Authorized User €80,00/Month
* IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription Complex Sampling & Testing,  Authorized User €80,00/Month
* IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription Forecasting & Decision Trees, Authorized User €80,00/Month

Prices are excl. VAT. Conditions according: IBM SPSS-servicedoc (6b)

You can cancel your Subscription any moment by sending an email to

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