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Smit Consult now exists for 30 years!

Smit Consult exists 30 years!

In December 1989 I registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Waalwijk with the company Smit Consult, Consultancy for Data Analysis. It always seemed to me a privilege to be independent. There are many beautiful years been the rise of software use, but also a number of difficult years.

With us there is a plate with spells at work, and we try to apply it as well as possible.  At work :

- Is the customer number 1;

- We value everyone's qualities;

- We say what we do and we do what we say;

- We share joys and sorrows;

- We work together;

- Are we positive, honest and collegial;

- Are we there for each other.


People, companies and products come and go It is a dynamic world that we live in. We have moved our office 5 times, our company name has been changed 4 times, our tax structure has been changed a number of times. We have written a number of successful products ourselves; we have many customers. There have been various employees, many interns, many graduates that we have supported.

We see around us that people are increasingly using other applications, standard products are being used less and less. We can speak of a displacement market. We will have to do more to please the customers. And we are happy to do that!

We try to provide our users and potential users of statistical analysis software with the best possible support.

Smit Consult celebrates its 30th anniversary. Triple hurray!

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