Prices EViews 11- per May, 1st 2019

Single Copy EViews 11:

EViews Standard Edition 11  € 1.650,-
EViews Enterprise* Edition 11  € 2.000,-


Upgrade from EViews Standard Edition 1/10:

EViews Standard Edition 11  €    700,-
EViews Enterprise* Edition 11  €  1.080,-


Prices for academic institutions:

Single Copy EViews 11:

EViews Enterprise Edition  € 590,-

For students there is an EViews University Edition only available  via the website of EViews. Check out for more information: EViews University Edition.  

*EViews Enterprise Edition contains all possibilities of EViews Standard, and the support of information formats of commercial data. EViews Enterprise supports the FAME databases, Standard and Poors DRIBase data and the Haver Analytics data.
Academic Institutions can only purchase the Enterprise Edition.

Volume Site licences and Academic Site licenses. Please contact our sales team at Smit Consult, tel: (+31)(0) 416 378 125 or send an email to: info@smitconsult.nl

All prices are excl. VAT and delivery is digital.

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