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New in GAUSS 20

Easily locate and install GAUSS packages with the new package installer

⦁ Get working faster with quicker access to pre-built GAUSS packages.
⦁ Download, install and update GAUSS packages without ever leaving GAUSS.

package manager


Improved panel data functionality

New function to aggregate results across groups by:
⦁ mean, min, max, median, mode, variance, sum, and standard deviation. 

g20 aggregate grunfeld 1x2

Advanced imputation methods for handling missing values

⦁ New support for predictive mean matching, local residual draws, and linear prediction imputation.
⦁ Customizable with options for a number of donors, matching type, and linear prediction methods.

gauss 20 predictive mean matching single

Add the power and flexibility of optional arguments to your procedures

⦁ New suite of tools makes it easy to add optional arguments to your GAUSS procedures

Expanded graphics tools

⦁ New filled area plots using plotXYFill.
⦁ plotSetLegend now allows you to set the legend location by coordinates.
⦁ New horizontal bar plots using plotBarH.
⦁ Precise control over y-axis tick location and intervals using plotSetYTicInterval.

Other new functions:

⦁ modec - Compute mode for each matrix column.
⦁ loaddsa - Load string data from CSV, Excel, GAUSS, SAS or STATA datasets.
⦁ sprintf - Create formatted string output from columns of matrices and strings.
⦁ weighted ols - Compute weighted OLS estimates with user-specified weights

All new changes in GAUSS 20


Windows 32-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
Windows 64-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
Windows Server 64-bit: 2008 and above
Mac 64-bit: Mac OSX 10.7 and above
Linux 64-bit: Red Hat 6.X+/CentOS/Ubuntu  


Harddrive: minimum 400MB
RAM: minimum 1GB / 4GB or more recommended

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