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Golden Software

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Golden Software is a leading provider of scientific graphics software, specializing in the development of software that transforms both simple and complex data into understandable visual tools such as maps, graphs, and models.  Golden Software products are used in mining, oil and gas, engineering, medicine, applied science and university settings.

Transform your data into knowledge with our affordable data modeling, mapping, graphing, and analysis software tools.

We're here to help you through every stage of your project.


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Surfer Grapher Voxler

Make informed decisions. Surfer’s powerful mapping, modeling, and analysis features help you find answers to the most difficult questions.

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Gain complete understanding. The key understanding lies within your data. Unlock this information with Grapher’s extensive graphing and analysis features.

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Understand all aspects of your three dimensional data. Use Voxler's powerful modeling abilities to transform data into valuable information.

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MapViewer Didger Strater

Master your spatial data. Enlightenment is  a click away when with MapViewer’s
comprehensive thematic mapping
and spatial analysis tools.

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Transform your data.  Didger’s robust
digitizing, georeferencing, reprojecting, tiling, and mosaicking features transforms static
data into dynamic formats.        

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Eliminate subsurface uncertainty.
Strater provides the means to quickly
visualize and analyze subsurface data as well logs, boreholes, and cross sections

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