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Streamline Your Workflows with Surfer

Surfer offers an exciting new set of 3D mapping features, vector editing tools, and a new gridding method that are designed to enhance your projects by increasing usability and improving workflows to save you time when creating maps and 3D models in Surfer. This webinar will shed light on the new functionality we have incorporated into the industry-leading gridding and contour application.


 Surfer's 3D View


Displaying and Analyzing Streamflow Forecasts Using Surfer

Learn how to extend the capabilities of Surfer for visualizing and analyzing time-series data of streamflow forecasts and exceedance probabilities. Water supply forecasts are used to demonstrate innovative temporal configuration raster graphics. These displays provide water resources professionals a clearer picture of the uncertainty contained in probabilistic streamflow forecasts. A conditional analysis example is included using GIS-like layers of streamflows, maximum flows and exceedance probabilities.

Richard Koehler, owner and CEO of Visual Data Analytics, joins product manager Drew Dudley to provide users with the necessary techniques in Surfer to display and quantify temporal signatures.

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