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IBM SPSS Statistics


Smit Consult are an official IBM Business Partner and support SPSS Statistics SPSS Modeler:

IBM SPSS Statistics provides you, business user, analyst or programmer of statistical applications everything you need concering predictive analysis and data analysis. You have a complete set of user-friendly solutions. SPSS allows you to understand the power of advanced statistical analysis in hand, to data, identify trends and make accurate forecasts.

We guarantee optimum support for SPSS. This applies in particular to the desired Maintenance that you purchase at SPSS, where you can expect first support us.

Jan Smit, director of Smit Consult in the early years of his career, from 1984 to 1989, worked for SPSS Benelux BV. When he was known as SPSS technical consultant and analyst.

You are welcome to join us to discuss the possibilities of SPSS, or an informal visit to make your business or organization, SPSS to (re) introduce and assess the added value of SPSS for your business.

SPSS Statistics is a program that consists of several components. The basic program SPSS base and this can be expanded with a number of functionalities. You have the choice between Authorized use or concurrent use.

SPSS Statistics Base is the basic program with the three modules can be added. Each module has a number of features are bundled.


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