IBM SPSS Statistics

Support+ for SPSS users

An extra support service for everyone that uses IBM SPSS or wishes to use soon IBM SPSS

Smit Consult extends its support to all IBM SPSS users, that have bought a license from us, called Support+. 

This Support+ is beyond the guidance that we provide when you wish to have an offer or you wish to place an order for IBM SPSS with us.

With Support+ we mean the usage of SPSS in all its aspects. All questions related to the usage of SPSS can be asked, and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. Do you have questions related to data transformation, file handling, let us know. But also for questions in the field of statistical analyses, and modelling a response variable, or multiple responses as function of a number of factors. When analysing, we have to check that the conditions have been fulfilled, such as constant variance of the residuals, and we have ways to solve these issues. Also how to interpret the outcome, and how to use the model, such as in predicting for a new observation.

IBM supports an excellent “IBM SPSS Knowledge Center” for IBM SPSS. This Knowledge Center is valuable for the way of using SPSS, the use of the syntax, the usage of options, and often it refers to a “Detailed Example”. We strongly advise you to fully make use of this ÏBM SPSS Knowledge Center”. You can reach this Knowledge Center via the “Help” button on each SPSS command dialog.

We are much pleased to provide you our Support+. It is for each SPSS user, that have ordered with us or with active SW Subscription & Support via us, possible to receive our new Support+.  You can easily let us process your SPSS SW Subscription & Support yearly fee and you automatically receive our Support+.

Drs Ing. Jan Smit, has worked for 6 years as a Technical Manager at SPSS Benelux BV, in the early days of SPSS in Europe, and has had a significant contribution in the usage of SPSS in the Benelux countries. He is a mathematician, specialised in Statistics, and has assisted many companies and organisations in using SPSS, and in statistical analyses.

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