Umetrics MODDE


New version of MODDE released!


Do you want to be at the absolute forefront of Design of Experiments and Quality by Design? Download/purchase the latest version of MODDE® Design of Experiments Solution.

The release includes new functionalities such as one-click analysis, which makes it possible for you to run the analysis wizard in one-click, and help you determine if the model is correct.

Two new designs:

Do your analysis in fewer experiments. With the generalized subset designs, GSD, you have the possibility to accomplish reduced designs even when handling multiple multilevel factors. This is an excellent DOE strategy for a stepwise investigation approach, stability testing or multivariate calibration.

Detect specific non-linear factor effects in screening. Definitive screening designs are available when there are at least 4 factors in an investigation. 

Umetrics™ Suite of Data Analytics Solutions integration: With the connection to SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis Solution it is possible for you to continue to do your analysis in SIMCA, and merge the DOE setup with big tables of data such as for example raw data and process data.

Download your free trial today and test out all the new functionalities.



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