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The XLSTAT-Base solution, essential data analysis tools for Excel A software that compiles more than 100 statistical features: data mining, machine learning, tests, data modeling and visualization.

What is XLSTAT?

XLSTAT is a leader in software for statistical analysis in Excel Since 1993, they worked continuously to bring you and some other 100,000 users from more than 100 countries a powerful, versatile, and above all user-friendly and affordable software to meet all of your statistical needs.

Featuring over 200 standard and advanced statistical tools, XLSTAT works as a seamless add-on to MS Excel®, allowing you to easily analyze and reformat your data within Excel. XLSTAT is compatible with both PC and Mac. 

XLSTAT uses pioneering computing techniques so that you get actionable results at unbeatable speeds: parallel computing allows you to take full advantage of all your computer processors. Today XLSTAT offers a wide variety of industry/field specific solutions designed for each and every one of you. So make way for a statistical software that will change the way you work.


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Base The top 100 essential statistical functionalities you need.

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The complete 200+ XLSTAT features in one attractively-priced package

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The solution that gives you in-depth insight into your products and consumers

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The indispensable tool for quantitative marketeers who need to understand customer behavior
and trends, and make the right decision.

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A solution that combines the most accurate prevision tools in one user-friendly interface

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A comprehensive solution for biologists and medical researchers who require quick and accurate results

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Transform the complex ecological data you capture in the field into science

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An intuitive and efficient software for analyzing complex psychological and social data

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The essential solution for those whose jobs involve quality control and risk analysis



The XLSTAT-Base solution

XLSTAT-Base is a competitively-priced starter solution that includes over 100 essential statistical tools that will allow you to gain deep insight into your data. Each of the XLSTAT-Base features is also available in the other XLSTAT solutions.

You’ll benefit from data preparation and visualization tools, parametric and nonparametric tests, modeling methods (ANOVA, regression, generalized linear models, mixed models, nonlinear models), data mining features (principal component analysis, correspondence analysis…) and clustering methods (Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering, K-means…).

In addition, XLSTAT-Base features machine learning methods (association rules, regression and classification trees and K-Nearest Neighbors), partial least square regression and much more.


The XLSTAT-Premium solution

XLSTAT-Premium is an advanced yet affordably priced statistical solution that includes all of the 200+ XLSTAT features currently available.

In XLSTAT-Premium we have included it all so you’ll have access to any method, any time.

Prepare data, visualize, explore, analyze, take decisions, predict. Take advantage of all of what data analysis tools offer today in one powerful yet user-friendly software that will reveal everything your data has to say in just a few clicks.


XLSTAT-Sensory, sensory analysis statistical tools in Excel

A reference software in sensometrics: Preference Mapping, CATA, Panel Analysis, Discrimination tests and many more.

The XLSTAT-Sensory solution
XLSTAT-Sensory is the solution for sensory data analysts who want to gain valuable time by using the most recent methods available. Take advantage of a solution that speaks your language (products, assessors, attributes...) and gives you actionable results. With XLSTAT-Sensory you can give your R&D department the power to create the right products for targeted groups at a reasonable cost. With tools ranging from multiple factor analysis to product characterization and panel analysis, XLSTAT-Sensory is used by some of the largest food & consumer goods companies in the world.

XLSTAT-Sensory includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to features specific to the sensory data analysis field.

To get even more insightful information from your data, go for the XLSTAT-Marketing solution. It is an enhanced version of XLSTAT-Sensory that encompasses all of the XLSTAT-Sensory features in addition to conjoint analysis, partial least square path modeling and Monte Carlo simulations.


XLSTAT-Marketing, marketing statistics including Conjoint analysis in Excel

A quantitative marketing software that includes MaxDiff, Conjoint, CBC, TURF, Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling and many more.

The XLSTAT-Marketing solution
XLSTAT-Marketing is the only software that allows quantitative marketers to combine the functionalities of MS Excel with the power of one of the most advanced marketing statistical tools on the market.

We've created a software that will boost your creativity. Stay in Excel, play with your data until you can transform it into new ideas. Analyze surveys with the popular correspondence analysis, or make the most out of more advanced techniques like market basket analysis, conjoint analysis, churn analysis or Partial Least Square Path Modeling. Sensory data analysis tools are also included in this cutting-edge statistical solution for marketing professionals.

XLSTAT-Marketing includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods specific to quantitative marketing.


XLSTAT-Forecast, forecasting and business statistics software in Excel

Smoothing, ARIMA, cointegration tests, Monte Carlo simulations and many more.

The XLSTAT-Forecast solution
To make accurate predictions, it’s wiser not to rely on an oracle or a crystal ball. XLSTAT-Forecast is designed for those who want to use the most advanced analytical methods to predict sales, rainfalls, sports results, analyze stock markets or create optimized portfolios. XLSTAT-Forecast provides user-friendly interfaces to access Smoothing forecasting methods (Holt Winters) as well as the more advanced SARIMAX approach to forecast time series which take into account passed values and covariates.

Stock market analysts will enjoy our cointegration feature to study the relationships between stocks. Sales managers will enjoy making pragmatic scenarios and running simulations to obtain reliable predictions for their sales. XLSTAT-Forecast also includes other valuable tools for those whose jobs involve predicting the future.

XLSTAT-Forecast includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods that are specifically used in forecasting.


XLSTAT-Biomed, biological and medical statistics in Excel

Biostatistics  including standard tests, survival and ROC curves, omics analyses, dose effects, power analysis and many more.

The XLSTAT-Biomed solution
XLSTAT-Biomed is a solution especially designed for biologists and medical researchers who want to apply well-known and validated methods to analyze their data and build on their research. Obtain your results in a few simple clicks without having to leave MS Excel where your data is stored. You will get to spend more time with what really matters: interpreting your results.

In addition to classic statistical tools, use Cox or Kaplan-Meier models for survival analysis, compare methods with Passing and Bablok or Bland and Altman regressions, estimate the sample size your experiment should have with power analysis. Explore your huge OMICs datasets with our differential expression and heat map features.

XLSTAT-Biomed includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods specific to biology in general and medicine in particular.


XLSTAT-Ecology, ecological statistics in Excel A software

that compiles basic and advanced tests and modeling tools, ordination methods, omics analysis tools and dose effect models used in ecology

The XLSTAT-Ecology solution
As an ecologist, you often put on your hiking shoes or diving mask to collect huge amounts of data that are then divided into several tables – site/species matrices, morphological, environmental or genetic variables. XLSTAT-Ecology is a complete solution that lets you rapidly gain insight into complex ecological data in just a few clicks.

Explore the relationships between tables (Multiple Factor Analysis, Redundancy analysis…), discover species niches (Canonical Correspondence Analysis), detect proteins that are differentially expressed (OMICs data analysis) or determine EC50 ecotoxicological doses. XLSTAT-Ecology will allow you to do all of the above and much more.

You don't need to master algebra or programming to transform data into reports that attract attention and make it easier for you to communicate on your findings. XLSTAT-Ecology includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods specific to ecology.


XLSTAT-Psy, social sciences and psychological statistics in Excel

A software that assembles standard to advanced statistical tools such as Principal Component Analysis, Logistic Regression, Mixed Models, Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling and many more.

The XLSTAT-Psy solution
With XLSTAT-Psy, the investigation of complex psychological or social data has finally been made easy. In just a few clicks, explore survey data using well-known and established tools such as correspondence analysis, look for the factors that most influence psychological scores using regression, build mixed models that take into account item or respondent effects. Explore the complex relationships that may occur between latent variables such as intelligence, wellbeing and academic performance via structural equation modeling using partial least squares. Multiblock data analysis techniques are also available.

XLSTAT-Psy includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods that are used in particular in psychology and social sciences research.


The XLSTAT-Quality solution

If you are looking for a substantial six sigma toolkit to analyze your data directly in Excel, XLSTAT-Quality is just what you need. Optimize a process, detect failures, compare operators, simulate costs on a production line, design experiments to explore new possibilities.

XLSTAT-Quality includes all of the XLSTAT-Base solution features in addition to methods specific to quality control.


Smit Consult, consultancy and support

You never need to feel alone with the analyses about all features of your XLSTAT software. We have the knowledge of the product, the features and are pleased to support you; support is part of the purchase. And we bring support to a higher level. Smit Consult consultants are working with the software every day and therefore know all the relevant features and applications. There will always be a good mix of statistical theory and practical application.

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