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Nieuwsbrief #1 2019


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News February 2019

We are pleased to inform you the latest of the new developments of Smit Consult. We support and market the following products : EViews, GAUSS, IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler, STATGRAPHICS, OxMetrics, SigmaPlot, SIMCA and MODDE from Umetrics, What’sBest!, LINGO, but also some other products that came within our path.

We have the privilege to support these products and, as we have direct contact with the developers, we are able to provide you support on high level.  We are able to answer each support issue within 24 hours.

Our products grow with us!


eviews10 small2

EViews V10 is on the market since 2 years. The product has a strong position in research institutions, and National Banks in various countries. Panel data analyses and economical analyses are widely used.  IHSMarkit, the company that develops EViews, has a number of good programmers and are committed to grow. With an Academic Volume License agreement users are able to order full versions of EViews and Lab licenses for a very low price. We are pleased to assist you with EViews.


Gauss Logo Icon

The GAUSS product is best used for its programming features with a number of Analytics and Statistical libraries.  The current latest version is GAUSS V19. Aptech presents GAUSS as: "The Fastest, Most Flexible Platform for Analytics". GAUSS is widely used within Econometrics environment.

IBM SPSS Statistics:

spss logo

IBM SPSS Statistics is the base product of the good old SPSS version. As we have worked for SPSS Benelux BV, we are most committed to support this product. IBM SPSS Modeler is the product that is able to find structures and details in your data that otherwise is difficult to find.  Quite a number of users find their way with SPSS. SPSS is the product for analyses of behaviour, social aspects, and human resources in general.


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SigmaPlot 14 is the most valuable product for visualizing your valuable data. It is used within a number of academic institutions and commercial organisations. Especially in Ecological science the usage is high, but also in Bioscience, and in Medical Sciences. In many scientific literature we find graphs that are created with SigmaPlot. One of the support managers, Tim Spragens, has created and issued a large number of tips and tricks; besides that he enables all users with correct installation and usage of this beautiful product.  


Knipsel Modde

SIMCA and MODDE are premium products for Experimental Design set up and analyses, and multivariate analyses.  SIMCA is widely used within Process Monitoring Modelling and Screening. See it's latest “Umetrics Suite Blog” at : and chose for Downloads. We are pleased in assisting you further with a presentation of these products. 



STATGRAPHICS is widely used within Industrial usage. See the inspiring STATGRAPHICS webinars for more detailed information.  Watch '2018's Top Ten Ways to Visualize Your Data' at the YouTube channel of STATGRAPHICS. STATGRAPHICS has much capabilities in Experimental Designs, see for more: .


wb cover2

How to allocate our resources so we are able to provide the best service, or how to invest so the best profit is obtained with lowest risks. Thousands of examples are described in the user manual of What’sBest!  We are pleased to assist you with your wish to have the best for the least possible.


Smit Consult is learning and using "R" within its own practice. Here we analyse the sophisticated statistical modelling. R libraries and programs can be implemented within other products, such as STATGRAPHICS and IBM SPSS. R programs are more and more used.

From Drunen we are able to support you.




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