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STATGRAPHICS nieuws najaar 2018

Een overzicht van het laatste nieuws over STATGRAPHICS 18:


Watch Our Quality Assurance Webinar on Multivariate Data

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Please watch our free webinar describing the application of process capability analysis for multivariate data by Dr. Neil Polhemus. Drawing from his recent book “Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality” published by CRC Press in 2017, Dr. Polhemus shows how multivariate data may be used to estimate conformance with specifications involving the simultaneous performance of more than one variable. Watch the video now on our YouTube Channel by clicking here: Multivariate Capability Analysis Seminar.

More on the Book: Author Interview by CRC Press


During the 2018 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, CRC Press interviewed Dr. Neil Polhemus about his book entitled Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality. The book contains many examples from Statgraphics, including the analysis of non-normal data and the application of capability analysis to multivariate data. Watch the video interview here: CRC Interview.

CTO's Corner: Time Series Baseline Plots

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Statgraphics 18 contains a new procedure for plotting sequential data called the Time Series Baseline Plot which is useful when lower and upper limits are present. For example, the Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) is calculated from a 3-month moving average of sea surface temperatures in the east-central tropical Pacific. Strong El Niño conditions exist when the ONI is greater than 0.5, while strong La Niña conditions exist when the ONI is less than -0.5. The time series baseline plot highlights periods of high and low values by shading the areas between the data and those limits. Read more here: Time Series Baseline Plot PDF.

Access our Free Instructional Video Library for 240 Free Videos

Did you know we have over 240 free instructional videos on our website? Learn new procedures and take refreshers on your favorite analysis features of Statgraphics 18 and our other products. Video topics include general tips and time savers, product profiles, archived webinars, and advanced statistical procedural guides. Discover what Statgraphics has to offer and improve your statistical capabilities. Watch a video today:

Word on the Street:

ave used SG for many years going all the way back to the 80's I believe. As a biologist early in my career, I found the Stat Advisor very helpful. Even after I started using other analytical applications I usually would go " home to mama" so to speak to verify and I usually use SG initially to verify distributions, hypothesis testing with normal distributed data, etc. I am currently using SG XVIII... and I love it. - D. Roberts (Research Scientist)

Product Profile: Statgraphics Centurion 18


Have you tried Statgraphics 18 yet? The newest version of Statgraphics is loaded with new features and capabilities allowing you to go farther and accomplish more with your data. With a greatly expanded ability to process millions of rows of data, 30 new statistical procedures (now 260 in total), a dozen new Statlets to aid in data visualization, and the introduction of an R interface allowing for seamless integration of R with Statgraphics, our new version has all you need to succeed. Download your free 30 day trial today and discover for yourself.

-The Statgraphics Team

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