EViews 10 met vele nieuwe mogelijkheden en verbeteringen. Onderstaand een lijst van de meest belangrijke nieuwe mogelijkheden. Of kijk op de website van EViews 10.

Functies en mogelijkheden

EViews Interface

  • Command capture from the interactive interface.
  • Dockable command and capture window interface.
  • Database and workfile object preview.
  • Group Members View.
  • Group Object Preview.

Data Handling

  • Enhanced import and linking of data.
  • A powerful new FRED database interface.
  • Direct read and write access to data stored on cloud drive services.
  • Dated data table template support for saving and importing customized settings.
  • New frequency conversion methods.

Graphs, Tables and Spools

  • Improved mixed graph types.
  • Graph pan and zoom.
  • Multiple graph viewing slideshow.
  • Rectangle and ellipse drawing.
  • Data-based anchoring of arrows, rectangles, and ellipses.
  • Tables, graphs, and spools may now be saved in LaTeX format.

Model Interface

  • Print view.
  • Equation view find.
  • Scenario descriptions.
  • Scenario view.
  • Model protection.

Econometrics and Statistics Forecasting

  • Automatic ARIMA forecasting of a series.
  • Forecast evaluation and combination testing.
  • Forecast averaging.
  • VAR Forecasting.
  • Diebold-Mariano test.


  • Autoregressive Distributed Lag regression (ARDL) with automatic lag selection.
  • Maximum Likelihood and GLS ARMA estimation.
  • Fractional Integration (ARFIMA) model estimation.
  • Pooled mean group estimation of panel data ARDL models.
  • Threshold regression.
  • New optimization engine and associated coefficient covariances.
  • FIML with Variance Restrictions.

Testing and Diagnostics

  • Unit root tests with a structural break.
  • Cross-section Dependence Tests.
  • Panel Effects Tests.

Voor meer informatie over de nieuwe mogelijkheden van EViews 10 kunt u ook terecht op de website: www.eviews.com

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