Nieuw GAUSS 19: Vergroot uw productiviteit met GAUSS 19!  

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Bekijk alle nieuwe features van GAUSS 19 hier.

credit scatter bar2

Load, transform and analyze in one line. Simple to use formula string notation supports:
•Categorical and dummy variables
•Data transformations (ln, exp and more)
•SAS and Stata datasets


poisson estimate gmm 2

New GAUSS 19 GMM procedures estimate parameters from custom user specified moment equations or analytic instrumental variables estimates using one step, two-step, iterative, or continuously updating GMM.


contour plus scatter

Convey insights from your data with modern, professional images.
•30+ built-in color palettes, and custom palettes
•Programmatic canvas sizing
•Added 2-D plot flexibility and options


auto scatter pred ci

Uncover data insights quicker with new tools for searching matrices and string arrays, reorganizing, merging, and much more!


nonlinear optimization function times 1024x602

• Chained concatenation operations 2-4x faster
• X’Y for vector-vector case 15%-600% faster
• Descriptive statistics and OLS 15-30% faster for medium to large matrices

New mathematical functions

besselk computes the modified Bessel function of the second kind; useful for the negative inverse gaussian distribution. • rndRayleigh to compute Rayleigh distributed random numbers. • gmmFit and gmmFitIV for estimation using the generalized method of moments. • cdfTruncNorm, pdfTruncNorm, cdfLogNorm and pdfLogNorm. • Optional mu, and sigma inputs for cdfn and pdfn • Array support for erf, erfc, erfcinv, erfc, pdfn, power op.


Windows 32-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
Windows 64-bit: Windows Vista/7/8.0+/10+
Windows Server 64-bit: 2008 and above
Mac 64-bit: Mac OSX 10.7 and above
Linux 64-bit: Red Hat 6.X+/CentOS/Ubuntu  


Harddrive: minimum 400MB
RAM: minimum 1GB / 4GB or more recommended

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