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What's New In Surfer?

There are many exciting new features in the latest Surfer! We focused on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most commonly requested new features. The top new features are listed below. A more complete list of the new features can be found in the Surfer Version History page.


New 3D View features

  • Add axes, titles, tick marks, grid lines, and labels to your models in the 3D View! 3D analysis is now much more precise, and you can create beautiful graphics for use in reports and presentations.
  • Hover your mouse at any location over the model to view the XYZ coordinates at that position in the status bar.


New Grid Data features



  1. An all-new Grid Data wizard. We have redesigned the Grid Data tool in Surfer Beta to give you more clarity, flexibility, and validation when gridding - as well as adding a ton of new features!
  2. New gridding method: Cokriging. By popular demand, we now offer cokriging as a new gridding method! You can use cokriging to interpolate a primary dataset as guided by a secondary correlated dataset. Read more about cokriging here:  Grid data using cokriging in Surfer Beta 
  3. Graphic variogram modelling for kriging/cokriging. Modelling variograms is now so much more intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly. Our graphic display allows you to easily view anisotropy, and visually match the model to the estimated variogram values.
  4. Visual cross-validation checking before gridding. Cross-validation allows you to check the accuracy of your gridding parameters prior to gridding. 
  5. Save your gridding parameters for re-use. If you often find yourself specifying the same gridding parameters again and again, you can now save these settings to a file which can then be loaded into the Grid Data wizard whenever you need to re-use them.
  6. Immediately add your new grid files to the Plot window as map layers. Save time by immediately adding your new grid files to the Plot window as contour, color relief, 3D surface, or other grid-based map layers.
  7. Assign NoData (blank) during gridding. Load a file containing polygons, or choose from a base layer in the Plot window. Grid your data and assign NoData values inside or outside the polygons all in one step!




Vector editing

  • Interactively edit the X and/or Y coordinates of the vertices of points, polylines and polygons. Instead of importing BLN files to create vector objects with specific vertex coordinates, you can manually edit vertex coordinates right in the Properties window. Select a vertex in Properties, and that vertex is highlighted in the plot window, so you always know exactly which one you are editing!



Worksheet improvements

  • Do you like how Excel can copy an equation downwards to populate an entire column? Now you can do this in Surfer too! Define one transform equation that references specific cells, and copy it down through all of the rest of your data rows.


New Import/Export formats

  1. Export contour maps to 3D PDF format
  2. Export grids and contour maps to 3D VRML format



Keep up-to-date with Golden Software! Important messages are now delivered via a Notifications window within the program. You can keep the messages, or dismiss them, and close the window after they are read.

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