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Understand and measure purchasing decisions

IBM® SPSS® Conjoint helps market researchers increase their understanding of consumer preferences so they can more effectively design, price and market successful products. It enables them to model the consumer decision-making process so they can design products with the features and attributes most important to their target market.

SPSS Conjoint includes procedures that can help researchers:

  • Design an orthogonal array of product attribute combinations using ORTHOPLAN, a design generator.
  • Produce and print cards that study respondents can use to sort, rank or rate alternative products.
  • Analyze research data using conjoint analysis, a specially tailored version of regression.

Design an orthogonal array of product attribute combinations

  • Reduce the number of questions asked while ensuring enough information to perform a full analysis.
  • Generate orthogonal main effects fractional factorial designs; ORTHOPLAN is not limited to two-level factors.
  • Specify a variable list, optional variable labels, a list of values for each variable and optional value labels.
  • Generate holdout cards to test the fitted conjoint model.
  • Specify the desired number of cards for the plan.

Produce and print cards

  • Use the PLANCARDS utility procedure to generate printed cards for use as stimuli by respondents.
  • Specify the variables to be used as factors and the order in which their labels are to appear in the output.
  • Choose listing-file formats and card formats.
  • Display output in pivot tables.

Analyze research data

  • Perform an ordinary least-squares analysis of preference or rating data with the conjoint procedure.
  • Work with the plan file generated by PLANCARDS, or a plan file input by the user using a data list.
  • Work with individual-level rank or rating data.
  • Provide individual-level and aggregate results.
  • Select from three conjoint simulation methods: max utility, Bradley-Terry-Luce (BTL) and logit.
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