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Build sophisticated time-series forecasts regardless of your skill level

IBM® SPSS® Forecasting enables analysts to predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily—without being an expert statistician. People new to forecasting can create sophisticated forecasts that take into account multiple variables, and experienced forecasters can use SPSS Forecasting to validate their models. You get the information you need faster because the software helps you every step of the way.

SPSS Forecasting offers:

Advanced statistical techniques you need to work with time-series data regardless of your level of expertise.
Procedures to help you get the most from your time-series analysis.

Advanced statistical techniques

  • Analyze historical data, predict trends faster and deliver information in ways that your organization’s decision-makers can understand and use.
  • Automatically determine the best-fitting ARIMA or exponential smoothing model to analyze your historic data.
  • Model hundreds of different time series at once, rather than having to run the procedure for one variable at a time.
  • Save models to a central file so forecasts can be updated when data changes, without having to reset parameters or re-estimate models.
  • Write scripts so models can be updated with new data automatically.


  • TSMODEL—use the Expert Modeler to model a set of time-series variables, using either ARIMA or exponential smoothing techniques.
  • TSAPPLY—apply saved models to new or updated data.
  • SEASON—estimate multiplicative or additive seasonal factors for periodic time series.
  • SPECTRA—decompose a time series into its harmonic components, which are sets of regular periodic functions at different wavelengths or periods.
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