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Identify the right sample size for any research criteria

IBM® SPSS® SamplePower software enables you to quickly find the right sample size for your research, and test the possible results before you begin your study. The software provides advanced statistical techniques such as means and differences in means, correlation, one-way and factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression and logistical regression, survival analysis and equivalence tests.

SPSS SamplePower helps you compare the effects of different study parameters using analytical tools.

  • Get precise answers quickly with flexible, efficient tools.
  • Compare results using different combinations of research parameters.
  • Determine sample sizes and their impact using Cohen’s effect size conventions

Get precise answers quickly

  • Provides features to make finding accurate sample sizes easy.
  • Offers a “classic” interface for those familiar with power analysis and an easy-to-use interface that walks you through the common procedures.
  • Explains terms and takes you through the steps to determine an effective sample size, allowing you to move forward with your research.

Compare results

  • An interactive summary panel gives you concise summaries of power and precision at any point, so you can see how each decision affects your results.
  • A scenarios tool lets you control the flow of your research.
  • You can vary alpha level, power, effect size or sample size, and store results as you continue.
  • Tables and graphs enable you to assess how different combinations of research parameters (such as alpha levels and duration) will affect your statistical power.

Determine sample sizes and their impact

  • Provides Cohen's effect size conventions, which allow you to determine effect sizes for particular tests.
  • Provides a rule-of-thumb for determining ambiguous small, medium and large effect sizes.
  • You can vary these effect sizes to see how they affect power or precision.Lets you easily find the sample size for the default power setting.
  • Gives you the flexibility to choose different power size settings to compare results.
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