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Create compelling visualizations to communicate analytic results

IBM® SPSS® Visualization Designer enables you to develop and share customized data visualizations, from simple charts to advanced graphics. The solution makes the creation of data visualizations accessible to non-technical users. With a drag-and-drop design interface, it eliminates the need for advanced programming skills.

SPSS Visualization Designer allows you to visually portray and communicate analytics to others.

  • Provides templates and an intuitive visual design interface to help you create visualizations quickly and easily.
  • Supports different data sources including databases and IBM SPSS Statistics files.

Provides templates and an intuitive visual design interface

  • Get started quickly with dozens of built-in visualization templates.
  • Use an advanced visual designer for drag-and-drop graph creation.
  • Extend the capabilities of built-in templates or create your own.
  • Share style sheets and graph templates tailored to your organization.
  • Deploy graphs in operational systems using IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services, SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler.

Supports different data sources

  • Provides support for delimiter-separated SPSS Statistics data files.
  • Supports common database sources such as IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase systems.


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