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MAXQDA Standard

MAXQDA Standard is the core product. It is the perfect solution for researchers working
with diverse data sets. MAXQDA Standard works with a wide range of data types and
offers powerful tools for advanced coding, retrieval, transcription, and visualization, while
still being intuitive and easy to learn.

MAXQDA standard price

 * pricing example: if you want 7 commercial licenses the price would be 7 X € 340,00



MAXQDA Plus contains an additional module for quantitative text analysis, which enables
researchers to facilitate quantitative text analysis into qualitative research projects. All
quantitative text analysis features are gathered in the “MAXDictio” menu of MAXQDA
Plus. This menu includes powerful dictionary-based, vocabulary-based, and quantitative
content-based analysis functions.

MAXQDA plus price

 * pricing example: if you want 2 NGO/GOV licenses, th price would be 2 X € 650,00


MAXQDA Analytics Pro

MAXQDA Analytics Pro is our most powerful product because it integrates a
comprehensive module for statistical analysis into MAXQDA. Project data can now be
analyzed statistically, and data sets from Excel, SPSS, or other statistical software can be
imported and analyzed together with the qualitative data corpus. MAXQDA Analytics Pro
is the all-in-one solution for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research.

MAXQDA analytics pro price

* pricing example: if you want 15 Commercial licenses the price would be  15 X € 412.13

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