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OSMRE Usage (Office of Surface Mining) (U.S. Government Agency)

OSMRE uses SG for environmental analysis related to coal mine reclamation such as

A. Water resources (surface water and groundwater)
B. Soils and overburden.

Two instances of usage:

A. Lignite fields of the Gulf Coal Province—compared the textural and chemical properties of native soil to those characteristics of overburden proposed to substitute for those native soils.

B. Western Interior Coal Province—conducted postmining hydrology assessment to determine whether a reclaimed surface mine had significantly affected the quality of surface-water and groundwater resources.

Additionally, using existing water-monitoring records, statistical analysis of water-quality variations, both spatially and temporally, SG was used to predict how a proposed mining operation might affect local water resources.

Super Radiator Coils

An industry specialist in heat transfer. They manufacture commercial and industrial heat exchangers for processes and HVAC applications. 3 locations in the U.S>.

They use SG for Gage R&R as well as for process and machine capability studies.

One way SG is used is to train new employees on the selection and use of measuring devices through the Gage R&R process. This helps them gage the operator error as well as the device error.

They used SG capability studies on their CNC machining center to point out how fixturing, tool, and process parameters are critical to achieving accurate results.


Straight Line Analytics

SLA is using SG to analyze THC content reporting by various labs operating within the legal cannabis market in Washington State.

They were able to determine that THC content reporting from labs was not consistent was actual THC levels. They were able to visualize the THC levels over time, visually explaining the rise (and subsequent fall) in the reported levels.

SG is used when they attend conferences within the cannabis industry, as well as used for a variety of applications for businesses that hire them.


We use this software in conventional and unconventional reservoir geochemistry for compartmentalization, production allocation and fluid property prediction.

Reservoir compartmentalization studies are important because they are necessary for optimizing field production, determining if additional completions are warranted and for determining the best place for a site to be placed.


Duke University

The Fuqua School of Business uses SG within for applications such as forecasting, decision sciences and risk management.


Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

They use SG to determine how processes are working. They take say several hundred MBs of data, throw it into SG and analyze things like production servers. Take that data, use SG to find out what normative is and then compare it to something specific to see if what they are looking at is out of line.

They use SG to verifying that points of process are accurate. They also us SG because sometimes it is hard to know whether you are in fact looking at the right stuff, and with SG they are better able to determine that they are in fact looking at the right stuff.

SG gets heavy use within MTF by say process engineers, as well as for laboratory quality usage.

Ecole Nationale Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle (ENSCI)

SG is used within the organization and by researches for the design of experiments dedicated to formulation problems. SG has been used in the formulation of detergents and cleaning products, propellant explosives, and distress flares.

Use SG for distribution functions, rank correlations, response surface analysis, regression analyses, DOE etc.


Fresenius Kabi

Medical device maker that produces tools and devices for dialysis.

They are using SG for sample size determination for tolerance interval functionality. This is important to them because they need to know the range they have to work with when producing something, as they have very strict guides they must adhere to and precision is very important.


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) (U.S. Government)

They using SG to explore solid state rocket fuel, as well as using it in the study and development of insulation for objectless that will enter into space or anywhere where there will be very cold temperatures.


Shell Oil

They recently used Statgraphics to create a user friendly tool to perform SPC/SQC on a process that has saved their client both time and money by significantly reducing quality testing.

Canadian Nuclear Plant

They are using SG for data analysis associated with developing empirical models based upon regression analysis of experimental datasets and also as a capability improvement tool.



They are using Statgraphics try to find solutions for a major problem that affect citrus growers in Brazil and specially in Florida. There are two citrus tree bacterial vascular diseases disseminated among the citrus plants by insects. These insects feed in the same tissues the bacteria multiply – the xylem and the phloem that distribute water and minerals and sugar throughout the tree.

They use the software for determining for example whether different kinds of citrus trees would contain the same bacterium concentration, if bacteria concentration correlates with damages (decrease in fruit number and juice quality), if the climate has an effect on bacteria concentration inside the plant or the insect that disseminate the bacteria in citrus orchards, and to find through multiple regression analysis what climate components would have the best effect on the whole system. All this to try and help global citrus producers fight diseases affecting their crops.


The South Pole Group

They are using Statgraphics to estimate, chart and map the levels of carbon in rainforests throughout South America so that they can help provide carbon credit solutions to companies that need to offset their emissions.

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