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MODDE 12 Release                                                                               

Umetrics is pleased to announce the release of MODDE 12. The best Design of Experiments software with outstanding Quality by Design (QbD) functions.

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More news about MODDE 12

MODDE introduces the dynamic Design Space estimations with the new Design Space Explorer which interactively allows you to slide through the multidimensional design space. MODDE also facilitates creating beautiful reports using the new report generator or the predefined formats when exporting to other documentation and presentation tools.

MODDE is the perfect DOE software for research, process development, pilot and manufacturing in industries such as pharma, biotech, chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. Designed to meet requirements from new users all the way to power users and statisticians, MODDE supports the user with wizards and advisors at all levels of DOE; from planning and setting up new investigations to analyzing results with cutting edge technology. MODDE is available for development and integration in customer specific applications (OEM) as MODDE-Q.

The release is in line with Umetrics’ vision for a complete offering in PAT and QbD underpinned by Umetrics MVDA technology for on and off-line solutions using the SIMCA software family.

For Pharma and other critical application areas

As anyone in product development knows, getting things right from the start is a challenge. Especially with so many parameters to take into account. For industries like Pharma where outcomes are critical and the competition is fierce, you need tools that you can be sure will get you to the market on time.

Faster, easier optimization

MODDE is the most effective method you can find for achieving product and process efficiency and optimization. Created specifically to help scientists, engineers and statisticians understand complex processes and products, MODDE is the only guide you need to reach a safe interpretation and evaluation when designing experiments. Its intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed data visualization combine to enable effective and accurate decisions.

Beyond classical DOE

With MODDE we don’t stop at DOE, but empower you to simultaneously perform valuable quality analysis without having to rely on other software. By integrating risk analysis visualization we go much further than the classical DOE Contour and Sweet Spot plots. Our unique Probability Contour Plot introduces Monte Carlo simulation to show you where risks for failure exist, as well as the probability of achieving the results you need according to the desired criteria.

Leading the way in Design Space estimation

Because classical overlay contour methods provide no assessment of risk, many solutions fall short in their contributions to QbD and Design Space estimation. With MODDE, Umetrics leads the way in developing real QbD and estimation of Design Space by taking into account uncertainties and variations in parameters, measurement systems and processes. And it works with up to 32 factors and multiple responses.

Unique risk analysis visualization

The Probability Contour Plot is a unique tool created for MODDE that significantly enhances your ability to perform quality analysis together with DOE - a new dimension in your efforts to achieve Quality by Design.

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