We are pleased to inform you about the release of XLSTAT 2019.4.1!
Updating your XLSTAT version will allow you to access 
the latest features and increase the software’s performance.


What's new?

Demšar Significance Diagram (all XLSTAT solutions)

Use the Demšar graph, also called Critical Differences plot, to visualize pairwise differences after performing a Friedman test followed by a post-hoc procedure. This feature can be found under the Visualizing data XLSTAT menu. 


Latent Semantic Analysis (XLSTAT Marketing and Premium)

Often used in document classification or cross language retrieval, this text mining tool will help you to discover hidden semantics of words from a large set of documents. LSA uses a document-term matrix as input data which can be generated through the XLSTAT Feature Extraction. This feature is accessible under the Text mining XLSTAT menu. 


Customer Long-term value (XLSTAT Marketing and Premium)

Understand your customers life cycle, identify periods of high churn risk, and estimate the profits generated by your customers over an extended time period. Here, compared to the classic CLV model, the retention rate varies over time and cash flows depend on the time of cancelation. Accessible under the Marketing Tools XLSTAT menu.


Taguchi experimental designs (XLSTAT Quality, Life Sciences and Premium)

Taguchi method is a popular engineering technique to optimize processes and improve the quality of products. It provides an improvement to full and fractional factorial designs. XLSTAT offers to study three parameters: the signal to noise ratios, the means and the standard deviations of the measured attributes. 

 Design of sensory discrimination tests (XLSTAT Sensory and Premium)

Our algorithm used to generate designs of sensory discimination tests (e.g. triangle, tetrad, etc) has been revised and improved. An optimal design can be now achieved.

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